Ewaste Management Software

A Comprehensive E-Waste Management Software

The whirlwind of technology advancement and increase in its demand has resulted in a rise in new electronics and the generation of old electronic equipment. It calls for highly functional and efficient e-waste management solutions that can address the complex requirements of electronics refurbishing, recycling, and distributing.

Automate the Complex Procedures with Our E-Waste Solutions

BuyScrapApp offers you state-of-the-art tools to automate the complicated processes of e-waste management from the cradle to the grave. The customizable e-waste management platform is able to support enterprises of all sizes in single or multiple locations.
Our solutions comprise several modules and stages that each offers access to various features based on your needs. Our e waste recycling management software offers you:

  • Client/Source Management
  • Client online shipment tracking portal
  • Incoming and outgoing shipment
  • Inventory receiving, processing, tracking, dismantling, recycling
  • Settlement and invoicing
  • Warehouse management module
  • Refurbish and recycle module

E-Waste Inventory Management

There is often more electronic waste in companies which places high demand and workload on the recycling firms. BuyScrapApp offers you incredible e-waste inventory management solutions that suit businesses of all sizes and categories. The multiple tools and scalable solutions allow the streamlining of processes, maximization of production, and improvement of profits.
Bring simplicity and clarity to your business with a waste management app designed to offer you ease.

Better Customer Service

Infuse efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in your customer service so that you can manage your leads and customers:

  • Efficient handling of all materials
  • Automating financial settlement of each order
  • Gain an understanding of profitability
  • Motivate your team with real-time revenue reporting
  • Automated notifications and portal access for better customer service

Improved Handling of Financial Transactions

E-waste comprises recoverable materials as well as products that are in resalable conditions. However, some of them require additional costs to process and recycle. You need to accurately grade, separate, and price the items for the final settlement and bottom line.
With the help of our solid waste recycling software, you can receive, grade, process, and even sell the materials to generate a final settlement report to send to the clients. Such data can also be easily integrated with the recyclers accounting software.

Improved Transparency

The rise in pollution has made institutions increasingly aware concerned with the transparency of electronic waste materials processed. It calls for greater transparency as they ask the recyclers to provide an online tracking portal to track materials and shipments.
With e-waste management software, they can collect real-time data from daily operations. From transparent reports, material movements to tracking and photos of the facilities, all can be managed with the software.

E-waste Buying Solutions

Enjoy the difference with our e-waste buying and management solutions!


Our years of experience working in the E-waste management, recycling, and redistributing industry has given us a greater understanding of your business and the crafting of the right solutions for you to get the job done.

Greater Design

The years of development and refinement of the solutions have helped us create customizable solutions that can be tweaked up according to your needs.


With us, you get solutions that fee you from IT maintenance, software updates, and data security headaches. You can run your e-waste management business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection