About Us

Created by scrap dealers with over 21 years of experience in the industry, BuyScrapApp brings extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of running a recycling business. Whether you buy metals, e-Waste, paper, plastic, handle industrial accounts, or offer walk-in services to the public BuyScrapApp can handle all your compliance and ticketing needs.

From small start up yards to large yards with multiple locations and users, BuyScrapApp can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Because we run on Windows, there is no need to buy fancy or expensive equipment. A windows device, webcam and printer is all you need to get started!

Why Choose Us ?

1. Our Goal

 Our goal is to provide dealers what they need in quality and in price. That is why we decided to create a software program for small and large scrap yards to efficiently create new scrap tickers and comply with local city laws in the process.

With our software you can buy:

Scrap Metals, e-waste, Precious Metals(Gold, Silver etc), re-sellable goods (equipment), electronics, jewelry and much more!

2. Our efforts have resulted in a software That makes you money!

  •  Affordable pricing plans and no need to spend thousands on new computers and technology!
  • Start using BuyScrapAPP immediately! Already own a windows PC and a printer? You can start now!
  • Experience! Or team has over 21 years of experience in the scrap industry and we know what you need!
  • We are mobile! Use BuyScrapApp on any windows 10 tablet.
  • No long term contracts. Pay month to month or pay save and pay yearly.
  • EASY TO USE! We created our software so that anyone can be quickly and easily trained to buy scrap.

3. Our Success

  •  Our 21 years of international success in the scrap metals industry has led us to create this valuable application. Because we are in the business, we know what you need and can be trusted to deliver!


20 years

Access Growth

25% Yearly

Active Users

250+ Daily